Menus are an important part of branding. The customer gets an impression of the restaurant by seeing the menu card. There are several aspects that need to taken care while designing and displaying the menu card.

Designing The Menu Card

  • The Menu Card should be well designed and certain basic points should be noted while preparing your menu.
  • Calculate the cost price and add the right profit margin to the item.
  • Consider the area your restaurant is in, the target audience and other factors while deciding the cost.
  • Once the prices are ready it is time to prepare the right layout of the items.
  • The items should be organised systematically in the right order, as in it should be in the order the customers usually select their food.
  • Use good decent fonts, right colour combinations, good quality Photos or vectors, avoid misleading photos or information in the menu.
  • If you want to be more creative you can mention interesting / humorous names of items in the menu.

Form of the menu card

  • Menu Book – These are generally used in every restaurant, big or small. With the right design, the menu can look very elegant and can give a good impression of the restaurant.

  • Flat menu card – A single or double sided menu card is a good option as it has longer durability. And easy for the customer to check all the items in a glance.

  • Folded menus – These are usually the takeaway menus. They are compactible and easily affordable.

  • Wall menu – The menu can be printed on a vinyl and stuck on the wall or you can also have a black chalkboard where the menu can be handwritten. Led boards are also in trend

  • Table tents – You can use table tents for displaying the special items that are exclusive or new in the menu


  • You can also be more creative and display the menu in other innovative ways

Printing The Menu

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