5 points to remember while designing banners

designing a banner

While designing banners, one has to keep several things in mind. If the banner is not designed properly, the banner may not be effective and may not catch any attention. The banner should be very attractive, only then it will be productive. Keep in mind the following points

  1. Make a rough note of the information you need to add in the banner and delete or erase the unnecessary information. Try to keep in short and readable in few seconds. Place the information correctly. For eg: the contact details at the corners of the banner.
  •   Use Large and clear fonts. While designing banners, try using one font family. The text should be visible even from a long distance. Keep the sentences as short as possible. Use catchy phrases
  • Choose the banner colours wisely. Design it in a cymk colour mode. Keep a contrast between the background colour and the text colour. Make sure the banner looks attractive with the chosen colours.
  • Add good quality images or graphics. Bad quality designs do not catch an eye.
  • Use appropriate information and images. Avoid misleading or false content in your banner.
  • Keep your brand in mind while designing banners and make it the highlight of your banner. People should remember what you are trying to sell.
  • Once you are done with your banner, convert it to curves and save it in pdf and ai / cdr format.

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