Loyalty Card Ideas

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Loyalty cards

A loyalty card also known as Membership card, Reward card, Discount Card, Marketing card and Sales card is a card given, offered or subscribed to a regular consumer so that he/she is loyal to the company and comes back again in the future.

This is a consumer scheme, where a consumer can get benefits like accumulating points every transaction or redeeming an offer as stated by the company.

The Loyalty card encourages the consumer to come back often or make advantage of having the card. So, it increases the sales and also has a chance to refrain the consumer going to the competitors.

can also know the consumers preferences and ask for feedback directly from them.
You can send latest updates, products, services or events that are offered or arranged
by your company

Many big companies use this scheme to attract their present and future customers for increase in sales and productivity.

Use your own creativity to build a unique consumer loyalty scheme.

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