Sunboard or Foam board is a very strong, light, and easily cut sheet material used for the mounting of vinyl prints, as backing in framing, and for painting. It usually has three layers — an inner layer of polystyrene foam and a white claycoated paper on the outside.

Sunboard is commonly used for advertising print media for indoor and outdoor display. you can print your design directly on to the sunboard or you print your banner in some medium like paper, vinyl, solvent or eco solvent material and then you mount it on to the sunboards.

These sun boards sheets area available in 3mm and 5mm thickness which can be either tied or supported against some hard surface.

Sun board are available in almost all sizes and these are big sheets, so this can be cut and used as per requirement.

Sunboards are used for

  • Welcome Entrance of shop or office
  • Company name plates
  • Cafeteria, shop or store interior displays
  • As a standee or a support for standee
  • Notice boards in school and colleges
  • At conference and exhibitions
  • Event displays
  • Important announcements

Sun board give you a sharp, professional look, combined with a super-lightweight design.

Durable printing means they’ll last for years, whether you use them to welcome visitors, direct employees or even just decorate.

They’re also a great way to let shoppers know about seasonal specials or featured products in your shop.

Design tips for sunboards

  • Choose a size that fits well with the layout and dimensions of your space
  • Make sure you use hi-resolution logos or images to avoid a grainy look
  • Use good colours and fonts

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