What Is Label Screen Printing ? How is it useful ?


Label Screen printing is also known as silk screen printing and it is also one of the oldest printing method. It was called silk printing before as a silk was used as a mesh to print through. Mesh works like a stencil.

How does Label Screen Printing work ?

  • First a photosensitive coat is applied to a mesh which is attached over frames to hold it tight in place.
  • The photosensitive coat is exposed to light , through a film positive of the image to be printed
  • This hardens the coat in the areas you don’t want to be printed and leaves a negative image of the label on the mesh through which the ink can flow through.
  • The ink is then pressed through with a blade that is also known as squeegee.
  • After completeing this process the material is then dried with the help of uv lamps.

The advantages of screen printing is that the smooth ink coating results in a thick coating of the ink, It is also weather and moisture resistant. The Opacity of this this printing process is more than others because of the thickness of the ink.

Label Screen Printing is used for decals, All sorts of labels like product labels, commercial labels and graphic overlays.

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