Types of Stickers

High Quality Custom Stickers

Types of Stickers we make

We manufacture and supply custom stickers and have some preset shapes to help you get started. We can also print in almost any custom shape you can think of, just upload your own custom shape when ordering.

You can choose from circle stickers, rectangle stickers, square stickers, oval stickers, bumper stickers or any sticker with any shape or any size.

Types of Stickers 1
High Quality Custom Stickers

Type of stickers printed by Printmax

Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers are individual stickers with the back liners cut to the size and shape of the sticker. Ideal for handing out at events or for sale as their own product. Die Cut Stickers are available in your choice of a glossy or matte lamination. Free die cuts are always included!

Types of Stickers 2
Die Cut Stickers Printing Service from Printmax Printing Press

Cut Stickers

Cut Size Stickers are digitally printed with free custom shapes included. The backing material on these stickers is a little larger than the sticker itself. These stickers are great for indoor or outdoor use!

Types of Stickers 3
Cut Stickers from printmaxindia

Clear Stickers

A super popular choice, clear stickers work great for branding, and highlighting your brand on products, windows, on cars. Clear stickers are printed on a clear vinyl with full color and white ink behind all color printing, for a clean-looking sticker, for any of your sticker uses.

Types of Stickers 4
Transparent stickers From Printmaxindia

Silkscreen Stickers

Silkscreen Stickers are spot color, vinyl stickers printed with UV inks for outdoor use. Individual stickers are finished with the back liners cut to the size and shape of the sticker. Silkscreen stickers are printed with old school techniques and are the most durable kind of sticker you can get.

Types of Stickers 5
Screen Printed Stickers from Printmaxindia

Custom Shaped Stickers

We can print any sticker product with free custom shapes. Highlight your designs with custom shapes that outline your artwork or logo for endless creative possibilities. Our custom stickers are cut with laser die cutters for a fast turnaround and high quality finish.

Types of Stickers 6
Custom Shaped Stickers from printmaxindia