Fonts And Colors for Business Stationary

In this blog we will talk all about the fonts and colors for business stationary that are used or could be used. Firstly, Lets see the 5 commonly used fonts Arial. Helvetica Times New Roman. Georgia. Courier These are some fonts that are most commonly used. These fonts look very professional, elegant and readable even

Get Your Invitation Cards From Printmax

Invitation cards are required for every occasion that is hosted. From birthday parties to weddings, all events require invitation cards Some of the invitation types are The Standard invitation Laser cut paper invitation Foil Stamped invitation Debossing and Embossing Tips while designing your invitation Choose elegant colors fonts and designs Keep it short and mention

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto a variety of media substrates like paper, plastic, cloth, canvas and many more. Digital printing is also faster to set up and is ideal for a small printing job.

What Is Label Screen Printing ? How is it useful ?

Label Screen printing is also known as silk screen printing and it is also one of the oldest printing method. It was called silk printing before as a silk was used as a mesh to print through. Mesh works like a stencil. How does Label Screen Printing work ? First a photosensitive coat is applied

Tips On Designing A Catalogue

A Catalogue is a complete list of items, in an alphabetical or a systematic order printed in a book or magazine form with pictures, specifications and other details. While designing your Catalogue, Do a thorough research of your brand or what you are offering and note down the exact and accurate details. Use best quality

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Welcome to Printmax, We are a one stop online printing store and cover all your printing requirements. The printing process has never been this easy. We offer professional level service and our products are of premium quality. Our modern facilities in Mumbai is capable of serving individuals and corporates in India & Worldwide. The printing

Customized corporate gift kits

Customized Corporate gift kits are given to employees as a welcome kit or it is gifted as a company gift for a festival. The gift kit could include  Diary Mug Bottle Pen Bag Shirt Pendrive Tent Calendar keychain A card with a message These products could be printed with your company logo and you can


Logo designing is the 1st and most important tool of your business. A good logo can help your brand be very successful. The logo should be clear with enough space. A conjusted logo should be avoided as it has many disadvantages. When you design a logo it should be unique and recognizable by people. At


Sunboard or Foam board is a very strong, light, and easily cut sheet material used for the mounting of vinyl prints, as backing in framing, and for painting. It usually has three layers — an inner layer of polystyrene foam and a white claycoated paper on the outside. Sunboard is commonly used for advertising print media

How To Create a Good Visiting Card design ?

Printmax provides good quality paper and printing. The printing is done with Hi-Tech machines to deliver the best quality printing to you. The printing process is very simple, easy and hassle-free at printmax. Select your product, send in the design in the pdf or design format and wait for the product to be delivered. You can also get in touch with the Printmax team during the order process.

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Organizing an event is not an easy task. Every little requirement has to be covered. Every event needs different items according to their event. We at Printmax, deliver to you a wide range of products for your event printing Visiting Cards Identity cards Banners Flyers Standees Vinyl Stickers Stationery Tshirts Accessories Find all these products,

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When you start a new business, you need a bunch of tools that are necessary and that will bring awareness about your brand. When you shop your business package with us, you can expect best quality products and service. Tools that include in the the business package are, Visiting Cards Brochures Letterheads Identity cards Banners

Types of Banners that Can Improve Sales

There are the different types of banners that you can use for your business for promotion, brand awareness. Each type of banner does its work effectively. Retractable Banner X stands Banner Flex Banner Backdrop Banner Hanging Banner Pop up Booth & Display banner Vinyl Banner Shop Banners Get Your Banners printed today at Printmax. Printmax


Booklet is a book with few pages and a cover. It is like a magazine with less pages Who should have a regularly printed booklets? Small or big Communities or groups School , Colleges & other educational Institutions Offices & Corporates Big Families Events & Festivals Why groups should have their own booklets? The above

Photo Album Printing

The Essence of Photo Albums will never be lost We have progressed a lot today in terms of technology. We have all our photos stored digitally. Yet the technology cannot replace the essence of having a physical photo album.We should keep going the photo album printing, because as you turn the pages of the album,

Door Hangers

Door hangers are usually found on hotel rooms. The most commonly used tag is ‘do not disturb’. Door hangers can be used for many things. It can be used as welcome tags, ‘we missed you’ – for companies to hang it on the customer’s doors who were not available, or it could also be used


WHY TOTE BAGS SHOULD BE GIVEN MORE IMPORTANCE BY BUSINESSES ? With the awareness of ‘save the environment’, people are encouraged to go green. Tote bags are good for the purpose of reusing and it also creates brand awareness. Tote bags customized with your logo and design can be used as a good promotional tool.


THE ULTIMATE MENU CARD GUIDE Menus are an important part of branding. The customer gets an impression of the restaurant by seeing the menu card. There are several aspects that need to taken care while designing and displaying the menu card. Designing The Menu Card The Menu Card should be well designed and certain basic

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The One Stop To All Your Office Supplies From visiting cards to letterheads to rack cards and brochures, a business needs a never-ending list of stationery supply.At Printmax, you can find all the supplies you need at just a click on the website. Printmax provides good quality paper and printing. The printing is done with

Corporate Gift essential for Productivity ?

How is Corporate Gift essential for Productivity ? A Corporate gift is a lot more than expenditure. It works as a promotional tool and enhances productivity. Personalized gifts for employees or clients, make them happy as they feel appreciated and  part of the company. The size of the company doesn’t matter, big or small, all

10 Product Packaging Points To Increase Sales

Things You Should Know About Product Packaging Previously, the term product packaging had less or no importance. The only purpose of packaging was to the cover and protect the product. It was just a plain package with no design and product packaging wasn’t necessary in those days as there was less competition. But with the