Why is Print Media Branding Important for Your Business?

In today’s digital age, many businesses focus solely on digital marketing and neglect the power of traditional marketing methods, such as print media. However, print media remains a vital component of a comprehensive branding strategy. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of print media in branding your business and how it can help

Print media services

Print media services have been around for centuries and continue to be an important form of communication, information dissemination, and marketing. From newspapers and magazines to brochures and flyers, print media plays a critical role in reaching a wide audience and delivering information in a tangible and memorable format. Despite the rise of digital media,

Employee ID cards

Employee ID cards have become an essential part of modern workplace culture. It serves as an identification card, a security measure, and a symbol of unity and belongingness. ID cards are used by organizations to grant access to certain areas, to track employee attendance, to identify personnel, and more. To ensure the smooth functioning of the workplace, it’s essential to have employee ID cards printed for employees from a id card printing service provider.

Paper Box Packaging

The reason why most business entrepreneurs prefer the use of custom boxes over traditional product packaging is their ease of customization. Custom boxes are designed in an attractive manner to add glamour to your products.

Wall calendars

Wall calendars are perfect for décor in your office, home, or kitchen and easily help keep track of important dates, contacts, and other events at a glance. This a wonderful way to make sure you stay organized throughout the year! A calendar hung on the wall is also a convenient way for all the other

Types of Printing Process

There are many different types of printing process available today and they’re continuing to evolve. The following list is just a short overview of the types of printing we offer at printmax. In this Blog, we take a look at some of the most frequently used printing methods by artists and designers, as well as

Hotel Umbrellas

Hotel Umbrellas great promotion for your Hotel Brand. Ordering promotional umbrellas for your hotel is a great way to provide guests with useful items while also promoting your brand. When placing an order, be sure to consider the intended use, location, and budget to ensure that you are getting the best possible value for your

Custom Logo Printed Umbrellas

Custom Logo Printed Umbrellas – A Great Gift Idea Custom Logo Printed Umbrellas are a popular marketing tool in the market. Umbrellas have been around for centuries and are commonly used as protective devices from the rain and sun. Although they are often seen as a necessity, umbrellas can also be used as a marketing

Sign Boards

There are the various types of sign boards that you can use for your business display. Conventional Sign Boards, Boxed Sign Boards, Glow Signage Boards, Acrylic Signage Boards, Digital Signage Boards, Neon Signage Boards, LED Sign Boards, 3-D Sign Boards

Tags Printing

Decorative tags are a necessity in especially in retail business. For clothing, accessories, even consumables (to name just a few), custom printed decorative tags can make or break how your product looks to your customer. We can print with the finest quality and on a all range of materials whether paper, plastic or cloth.

Custom Label Printing

Printmax labels are printed just the way you need them, with in custom shapes and the option to choose your copy position to make it easy when applying using a labeling applicator. Our standard finish for labels is on sheet form and rolls without perforations. This is preferred by label customers, since so many labels are machine applied. We have label customers in many industries, including craft brewing, honey, medical products and the personal care industry.

Business Cards

An attractive and informative visiting card is the first step to a successful forging of business relations and economic success. A business card represents you and your company in daily dealings with clients and potential partners as well as provide necessary information regarding your business and means of contact.

Desk Calendar Printing

We print Personalised desk calendars for your desk with photos, logos, quotes and text. Available in all types of glossy & matte paper a great gift for your corporate and individual clients. Contact www.printmaxindia.com

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl lettering allows you to display letters, numbers, or graphics in a clean, professional way. Your design will be cut to exact shape from a sheet of solid-colored vinyl material, leaving no background. Vinyl lettering is most often used on office, retail, kitchen, or home walls and is a great solution for displaying information or inspirational quotes.

Name Plate

When an application requires maximum durability and longevity, many of our customers rely only on Stainless Steel plates. As with the other metals, Stainless Steel can be surface printed as well as etched and stamped for long-lasting legibility. We can customize stainless steel to any size or shape, and use may include different adhesive variations. Give us a call to discuss if stainless steel is the right choice for your needs!

Types of Stickers

We manufacture and supply custom stickers and have some preset shapes to help you get started. We can also print in almost any custom shape you can think of, just upload your own custom shape when ordering.
You can choose from circle stickers, rectangle stickers, square stickers, oval stickers, bumper stickers or any sticker with any shape or any size.

Clothing Labels

Whether you need a label for washing instructions, a personal message, branding, contact information, or simply to put your name in a garment, Clothing Labels by Printmaxindia is your source for clothing, garment, textile, and name labels. You will find both woven and printed labels. Both are durable and wash-proof, and can be customized with

Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels Printing Barcode and Label Printing is Easy to implement and powerful for tracking, barcode labels can lead to big gains in accuracy and productivity. Whether you are making labels for shipments, for a business asset, or for products, a barcoded label is a reliable tool to help manage any tracking system. What are

Logo Printed Crockery

Get your logo printed on your restaurant crockery. We print all types of dinner plate, coffee mugs, bowls and all tableware.

Packaging and Labeling

Product Packaging is what compels you to purchase one brand over another and what catches your eye the most in a sea of hundreds of products on a store shelves. Package designs give consumers a sneak peek into what they can expect from your product. They grab attention and convince consumers to make a purchase.

Branding Ideas using Logo for your business

When you print your Logo and Slogan on your Business stationary like your business card, Packaging, the Corporate Uniform or just the Corporate Logo Printed T-Shirt your brand advertising is working by itself. Only make sure that the Branding materials looks great and gives a positive vibes to customers and client.

Calendar Printing Services

We print all types of Wall Calendars, Desk Calendars, Executive Planner Calendar, Pocket Calendars, Magnetic Calendars, Peel-N-Stick Calendars, Poster Calendars, Novelty Calendars and Custom Calendars. Connect with us at www.printmaxindia.com

Certificate Printing Service

Get professional online certificate printing services. Certificate Printing for Corp-orates. UV Printed Certificates, Laser Cut Certificate Printing Services, Certificate With Security Printing and Paper Certificate Printing

Greeting Cards Printing

Custom personalized greeting cards printing for all occasions. We offer Design and Print service for all tpes of greeting cards. Rates start from Rs 5. Call Printmaxindia.com 91-9820258898

Logo printed T-Shirts

Personalized photo, printing,logo printing and message printing on t-shirts. Starting र 250/- dry-fit and cotton t-shirts. Call printmaxindia 91 9820258898

Business Card Printing Services

Business card design and printing service available at printmaxindia. Printing Rates starts as low as ₹150 for 100 business cards. Business card are printed on 300 gsm matt, glossy and UV print. Call 91 9820258898

Fonts And Colors for Business Stationary

In this blog we will talk all about the fonts and colors for business stationary that are used or could be used. Firstly, Lets see the 5 commonly used fonts Arial. Helvetica Times New Roman. Georgia. Courier These are some fonts that are most commonly used. These fonts look very professional, elegant and readable even

Get Your Invitation Cards From Printmax

Invitation cards are required for every occasion that is hosted. From birthday parties to weddings, all events require invitation cards Some of the invitation types are The Standard invitation Laser cut paper invitation Foil Stamped invitation Debossing and Embossing Tips while designing your invitation Choose elegant colors fonts and designs Keep it short and mention

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto a variety of media substrates like paper, plastic, cloth, canvas and many more. Digital printing is also faster to set up and is ideal for a small printing job.

10 Best Creative Business Card

Print quality and attention-grabbing business cards that drive potential customer’s interest in you and your business. An effective business card needs more than your name and contact information. When promoting your business or company, business cards becomes an an effective tool of marketing especially if the business card stands out and portrays your business in visual form. We print Foil Stamping, Embossing, Die Cuts, Plastic Cards, 300 gsm cards and other 100 types of business cards.

What Is Label Screen Printing ? How is it useful ?

Label Screen printing is also known as silk screen printing and it is also one of the oldest printing method. It was called silk printing before as a silk was used as a mesh to print through. Mesh works like a stencil. How does Label Screen Printing work ? First a photosensitive coat is applied

Tips On Designing A Catalogue

A Catalogue is a complete list of items, in an alphabetical or a systematic order printed in a book or magazine form with pictures, specifications and other details. While designing your Catalogue, Do a thorough research of your brand or what you are offering and note down the exact and accurate details. Use best quality

Printing Services Offered At Printmax

Welcome to Printmax, We are a one stop online printing store and cover all your printing requirements. The printing process has never been this easy. We offer professional level service and our products are of premium quality. Our modern facilities in Mumbai is capable of serving individuals and corporates in India & Worldwide. The printing

Customized corporate gift kits

Customized Corporate gift kits are given to employees as a welcome kit or it is gifted as a company gift for a festival. The gift kit could include  Diary Mug Bottle Pen Bag Shirt Pendrive Tent Calendar keychain A card with a message These products could be printed with your company logo and you can


Logo designing is the 1st and most important tool of your business. A good logo can help your brand be very successful. The logo should be clear with enough space. A conjusted logo should be avoided as it has many disadvantages. When you design a logo it should be unique and recognizable by people. At

Print Your Own Calendar

Every Human needs a calendar in their house and office. Calendars are not kept hidden, they are kept in a place where everyone can see. Hence, calendars can be a good source of advertisement. It is cost effective and works for one whole year! Print your own calendar today! You can customize your own calendar


Sunboard or Foam board is a very strong, light, and easily cut sheet material used for the mounting of vinyl prints, as backing in framing, and for painting. It usually has three layers — an inner layer of polystyrene foam and a white claycoated paper on the outside. Sunboard is commonly used for advertising print media

Get Good Quality Customized Mugs

Customized Mugs are a good gifting option. Mugs can be sold as a merchandise too. You can design your own mugs and sell them on your desired platform. Corporate Mugs Mugs with the corporate logo printed can be used as a gifting option to its employees or it can be also given to some important


What is a Brochure? Brochure is a piece of paper that carries information. Mostly the brochure talks for the firm. Firms invest a good amount on brochure designing and print it on a premium quality paper. It is important to design your brochure in a very clever manner. Whenever a person enquires about a firm

How To Create a Good Visiting Card design ?

Printmax provides good quality paper and printing. The printing is done with Hi-Tech machines to deliver the best quality printing to you. The printing process is very simple, easy and hassle-free at printmax. Select your product, send in the design in the pdf or design format and wait for the product to be delivered. You can also get in touch with the Printmax team during the order process.

Get All Event Printing Work Done At Printmax

Organizing an event is not an easy task. Every little requirement has to be covered. Every event needs different items according to their event. We at Printmax, deliver to you a wide range of products for your event printing Visiting Cards Identity cards Banners Flyers Standees Vinyl Stickers Stationery Tshirts Accessories Find all these products,

Loyalty Card Ideas

Loyalty cards A loyalty card also known as Membership card, Reward card, Discount Card, Marketing card and Sales card is a card given, offered or subscribed to a regular consumer so that he/she is loyal to the company and comes back again in the future. This is a consumer scheme, where a consumer can get

Get full Exhibition Package From Printmax

In an exhibition, you need to promote your brand and for that you need tools from the exhibition package from Printmax. Visiting Cards Identity cards Banners Flyers Standees Vinyl Stickers Stationery Your brand T-shirts Paper bags & paper box for packaging Find all these products, all at the one stop store PRINTMAX. We deliver great

Get Complete Business Package – Stationary Printing

When you start a new business, you need a bunch of tools that are necessary and that will bring awareness about your brand. When you shop your business package with us, you can expect best quality products and service. Tools that include in the the business package are, Visiting Cards Brochures Letterheads Identity cards Banners

Car Branding Using Vinyl Decals

Car branding is become a very useful tool specially in India as the increasing amount of vehicles on the road, people are bound to notice your brand on a vehicle. You can use vinyl decals for this purpose. Decals are customized car stickers that are printed on vinyl. They are very suitable to be printed


Printing is a process for mass reproducing text and images using a master form or template.  Printing is not just one machine that prints everything. There are different types of printing done with different printers. From digital printing to uv led printing here is the list of the types of printing. Digital Printing The digital

7 Basic things you should know before sending your files for printing.

People should be aware about certain things so that the printing process is smooth and delivers good results. Here are some basic points to keep in mind before sending your files for printing. Artwork size The artwork size should be designed in the size that you want printed. Do not make a small design and

5 points to remember while designing banners

While designing banners, one has to keep several things in mind. If the banner is not designed properly, the banner may not be effective and may not catch any attention. The banner should be very attractive, only then it will be productive. Keep in mind the following points Make a rough note of the information

Types of Banners that Can Improve Sales

There are the different types of banners that you can use for your business for promotion, brand awareness. Each type of banner does its work effectively. Retractable Banner X stands Banner Flex Banner Backdrop Banner Hanging Banner Pop up Booth & Display banner Vinyl Banner Shop Banners Get Your Banners printed today at Printmax. Printmax

Why should stickers be given importance?

The Stickers will be stuck on packaging or on stationery items and this will be a moving advertisement of wherever it goes hence it’s a low cost but very effective source of brand awareness Who can make use of stickers? Small or Big Business Corporates Freelancing Business Educational Institutional stickers Events Stickers Occasion Stickers Design


Booklet is a book with few pages and a cover. It is like a magazine with less pages Who should have a regularly printed booklets? Small or big Communities or groups School , Colleges & other educational Institutions Offices & Corporates Big Families Events & Festivals Why groups should have their own booklets? The above


GSM of paper stands for ‘Grams per Square Meter’. It simplifies to understand the exact quality of paper. There are various weights of the paper used for specific purposes.

Paper sizes in Inches and mm

With the reference of this image, you can easily get the sizes paper sizes of A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10 Paper sizes and their uses: A0 – This size is typically used for large signs or posters. That’s the equivalent of 16 A4   … sheets of paper.  A1 – It is typically used for

Brochure Designing Tips

Brochures are an effective way of talking about your business. It is in a brief form and visually attractive. It has the power to persuade the customer into purchasing your product or service. Therefore it is necessary to design your brochure well. Here are some points to keep in mind while designing a brochure, Make

Photo Album Printing

The Essence of Photo Albums will never be lost We have progressed a lot today in terms of technology. We have all our photos stored digitally. Yet the technology cannot replace the essence of having a physical photo album.We should keep going the photo album printing, because as you turn the pages of the album,

Door Hangers

Door hangers are usually found on hotel rooms. The most commonly used tag is ‘do not disturb’. Door hangers can be used for many things. It can be used as welcome tags, ‘we missed you’ – for companies to hang it on the customer’s doors who were not available, or it could also be used


WHY TOTE BAGS SHOULD BE GIVEN MORE IMPORTANCE BY BUSINESSES ? With the awareness of ‘save the environment’, people are encouraged to go green. Tote bags are good for the purpose of reusing and it also creates brand awareness. Tote bags customized with your logo and design can be used as a good promotional tool.

The One Stop To All Your Office Supplies

The One Stop To All Your Office Supplies From visiting cards to letterheads to rack cards and brochures, a business needs a never-ending list of stationery supply.At Printmax, you can find all the supplies you need at just a click on the website. Printmax provides good quality paper and printing. The printing is done with

5 Essentials To Boost Up Your Food Business

5 Essentials To Boost Up Your Food Business  A Food Business is always a good business. However, to grow and expand your business it is necessary to keep your base strong.  Once you have set up your food business you need to focus on boosting the food business. There are several areas where you have

Corporate Gift essential for Productivity ?

How is Corporate Gift essential for Productivity ? A Corporate gift is a lot more than expenditure. It works as a promotional tool and enhances productivity. Personalized gifts for employees or clients, make them happy as they feel appreciated and  part of the company. The size of the company doesn’t matter, big or small, all

10 Product Packaging Points To Increase Sales

Things You Should Know About Product Packaging Previously, the term product packaging had less or no importance. The only purpose of packaging was to the cover and protect the product. It was just a plain package with no design and product packaging wasn’t necessary in those days as there was less competition. But with the