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Desk and Wall Calendars

There has always been and always will be a demand for desk and wall calendars. Desk Calendars and wall calendars are still very vital and found in nearly every home and office. It is exciting at times to be living in a world where our phones can seemingly do almost everything in our lives but good printed calendar has benefits that have been appreciated for centuries.

A well designed calendar can help you to

  1. Plan your holidays
  2. Remember important dates
  3. Organise your Work schedule
  4. Calendars offer excellent branding
  5. Calendars help you in marketing your product based on season
  6. Calendars represents your business
  7. Calendars also form a good source for daily checklists
  8. Calendars can be printed for walls and desks
  9. Calendars are a great substitute for all year round marketing.
  10. Calendars deliver excellent ROI (return on investment)

Things to remember while designing a good calendar

1 Leave a space to write daily schedule – Your calendar should enable people to keep track of their day to day activities and plans.

2 Cover important events – Without this the calendar will fail in its purpose.

3 Dates should be big and in bold Letters: to allow ample space for date related scribbling’s, so you need to ensure the dates themselves can be easily read and people can scribble important schedule or plans.

4 Good Vibrant Image – Include good vibrant images in the the calendar which reflects your business, choosing images that already feature in your other corporate literature may help to enhance brand awareness and recognition.

5 Choosing a good Fonts – Opt for clean, bold fonts that stand out easily, even from a distance.

6 Right Color choice – When used correctly color can help people to notice your brand and feel positive towards your brand also you  need to keep your calendar design aligned to your core branding.

Types of Calendars that we usually print

  1. Wall Calendars
  2. Desk Calendars
  3. Executive Planner Calendar
  4. Pocket Calendars
  5. Magnetic Calendars
  6. Peel-N-Stick Calendars
  7. Poster Calendars
  8. Novelty Calendars
  9. Custom Calendars
  10. Diary Calendar

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