Branding Ideas using Logo for your business

10 creative ideas for printing marketing materials

Grow your Business using your Brand Logo

When you print your Logo and Slogan on your Business stationary like your business card, packagings, business uniform or just the Business Logo on T-Shirt your brand advertising is working by itself. Only make sure that the Branding materials looks great and gives a positive vibes to customers or client.

Here we take a tour on how good branding practice helps your business to grow.

Printing your logo on your Business stationery

Design & Print Business Card At Printmaxindia

Apart from business cards, you can print your logo on all sorts of stationery items, from envelopes to posters, catalogues, brochures, presentation folders, letterheads, tent-cards, menu-cards, postcards, flyers, posters, stickers, labels, standee printing, apparel printing, mug printing, id card printing, office file printing, notebook printing, logo embossing, Logo Gold foil stamping on anything to everything should carry your Logo

The most-used item is probably the letterhead in the paper segment which is used to print letters and official documents. Letterheads usually include your logo and your company’s contact information. Also consider printing your logo on envelopes, notebooks, presentation folders, key-cards, pins, and more.

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Printing your Business logo on Clothing

Round neck T-shirt with logo printed Printmaxindia

The most common clothing pieces to print your logo is on the Corporate Uniforms, T-shirts, polo shirts, hats, hoodies, and socks, printing method using apparel embroidery, screen printing or digital transfer.

Embroidery is a technique that involves a stitching machine. The image of the logo is uploaded to the software, and the machine stitches the logo on any surface. Thick fabrics are best if you want to go for the embroidery on apparels.

Screen printing is a technique that’s ideal for large quantities of products print because the screens have to be custom made for each design. The durability of screen printing is quite good and can last on fabric for a long time. This is a common method for printing logos on T-shirts, bags, Umbrella and other presentation materials.

Transfers are decal stickers made especially for fabric printing. This printing method is the least durable option, as it can peel off when you wash clothing in hot water. It’s also the least expensive option and is perfect if you only need a few prints. A transfer is printed on a special printer and then pressed onto the fabric with a hot press.

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Printing your logo on Product Packaging

paper box manufacturer
paper box manufacturer printmaxindia

If you sell products or clothing, you might want to print your logo on labels and tags or packaging like boxes and bags. Create custom product packaging that customers can recognize from a mile away. Beautiful and attention-grabbing, custom product packaging is not only nice to have but has become a necessity for brands who want to become more visible.

Number of different packages are used in order to keep the products safe. The packages are mainly of two types – (i) Industrial Package and – (ii) Consumers Packages. When printing your logo on packaging, make sure the logo is easy to see and recognize.

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Printing your logo on promotional Items.

Keychain with logo printed
Corporate keychain printing

Your Logo can be printed on your promotional items like calendars, pens, key-chains and stickers. The color and design of your logo will also influence how your design is supporting the promotional material. You will need to consider some of the following when designing any promotional material:

•Where to place your logo

•What size to make your logo and

•What background colour to use with it

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Printing your logo on Sign Board.

exhibition booth design
exhibition booth design printing at Printmaxindia

Whether it’s a sidewalk stand or a billboard, exhibition stand or a sign board with your logo will be an eye-catching way to show off your brand.

Some common materials used to print Sign Board include: Printing on Dibond,  Printing on ACM, Printing on Aluminum, Printing on Perspex, Printing on Glass, Printing on Thick Card, Printing on Foam board, Printing on Foam-ex, Printing on Wood, Printing on Correx, Printing on Kappa board and Printing on Stone.

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All of its elements in Logo (i.e., color, shape, letters, images) work as a psychological trigger or stimulus that causes an association to all other thoughts we have about the brand. Tunes, celebrities, and catchphrases are also oftentimes considered brands. When it comes to deciding on your printed marketing needs the challenge is to be sure you can incorporate your logo effectively. The logo is something that will have established trust with many customers and so should always be used in your marketing materials. Use your logo to continue building this connection and the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Printing your logo is possible on almost any physical object. The most important thing to remember is to check with the printing service you’re using to ensure you’re submitting the right artwork of your logo. And always get a mock-up or proof to review before you order the final print.

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