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Packaging and Labeling of Product

Product Packaging is what compels you to purchase one brand over another and what catches your eye the most in a sea of hundreds of products on a store shelves. Package designs give consumers a sneak peek into what they can expect from your product. They grab attention and convince consumers to make a purchase.

Creating a strong brand identity requires strong storytelling in order to establish your brand as unique and relevant as well as to make it more engaging for your target audience. Package designs give consumers a sneak peek into what they can expect from your product. They grab attention and convince consumers to make a purchase.

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Main functions of product packaging

Design matters incredibly much, but packaging functionality is even more important. Here’s what good packaging should do for the product it contains:

Protection: the main purpose of product packaging is to protect what’s inside from damage during transit, in storage rooms or while it sits on the shelf in stores. Thus, product packaging needs to be reliable and sturdy, to prevent tampering with the product.

Attraction: when consumers see your products on the shelves, it needs to be attractive enough to get their attention. This can be done by using certain colour schemes, intricate designs or custom boxes that are both functional and attractive.

Information: packaging needs to also include information about the product, including how to use it, ingredients it contains or expiration dates. This information helps customers decide if they want to purchase your product or not, without the need to speak to a store assistant.  

Differentiation: packaging also helps brands differentiate their products from similar ones through logos, colors or shapes. Innovative designs will make your product stand out and attract customers.

Product Packaging and Labeling

Labeling of products

Ingredients: The label on a product allows the customer to know what is in the food they’re eating or the product they’re using. This allows the consumer to know how healthy, or unhealthy, the product is. It’s also important to display the ingredients for those who may be allergic to certain ingredients. Especially on food and beverage labels, it’s easy to see the “may contain so-and-so ingredient” so those allergic to that ingredient know to avoid it.

Health Risks: Again, labels contain information that’s important for people with allergies. But in addition to allergic reaction risks, there are other health risks that should be on labels. For instance, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and alcoholic beverage labels must contain health warnings. Additionally, warnings of poison or hazardous products must also be clearly displayed.

Instructions: Particularly with cleaning products, cosmetics, and medicines, the prime or secondary label should include directions for using the product. Using too much of a product or incorrectly using it can have serious consequences, so it’s important for the consumer to know the proper way to use the product. Using booklet labels will allow you to go in-depth for step-by-step instructions.

Promotion and Marketing: A product’s label can market the product all on its own.  Consumers may be attracted to a brightly colored label and end up purchasing that product. If your product has a unique label, it can be key to helping a consumer pick out your product amongst the others on the shelf.  And with today’s technology and advancements in label manufacturing, labels are now used for cross-brand marketing, recipe information, couponing, sweepstakes and gaming.  With that in mind, it’s important to remember that labeling your products can be a useful sales tool.

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5 important Points to consider while Packaging and Labeling a product.

1.Good Packaging reflect the Brand Personality of the Company – A good design should always reflect the product and the creativity and personality of the company. There is more, however to packaging design than simply ensuring a package looks appealing. There is a whole science behind it – from the shape of the package to the materials used without forgetting of course its functionality. For example, of the many things to take into consideration when creating a package, one of the most important things to remember is certainly the protection it offers to the product. There is no point in making a package look visually interesting if it is unable to do what it was intended to do in the first place.

2. The Packaging Must Make the Brand and Purpose Clear : Even the most generic brands make their product and purpose clear, or else nobody will buy them because nobody will know what they are. People will not buy a product if they do not know what it is and what it does.

3. The Packaging Must have usage Information : Packaging design must not only contain products adequately and safely, it must include required elements like ingredient and nutritional information, as well as barcodes and other necessary elements. At the same time, it must appeal to consumers, often amid dozens of competing items.

4. The product packaging should offer Easy Identification: Identification is an important function of packaging, following closely protection and ease in handling. Your product can be identified by a consumer from the rival’s because packaging creates individuality and helps quick identification. Packaging enables branding and advertising. The product gains special and separate existence due to branding and packaging.

5. Your packaging should be Recyclable : With the world growing more and more environmentally conscious, consumers are wanting to be involved with brands that minimize their impact on the planet. Cutting down on the impact a brand makes often means minimizing packaging. This makes logical sense, as often packaging is used once and then discarded away.

While packaging a product a customer also want honesty and authenticity. In other words, they want to know for a fact that the product that is labelled on the packaging is clearly the product that can be found inside. For that to happen, brands should always ensure the package makes them look trustworthy. This can be achieved by making sure the package is made of the highest quality materials available. Good packaging should also reflect the personality of the company offering the product. The packaging should be recyclable and innovative.

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