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Benefit of using Restaurant Logo Printed Crockery in Your Restaurant, Cafe or Hotel

Using a range of personalized crockery within your hotel, cafe or restaurant adds a real sense of belonging and is a great way to promote your brand on your tables. Branding is an important part for any business. The logo, the storefront, menus, uniforms, etc. The list is endless. But one aspect of branding that a lot of hospitality industry businesses tend to overlook is the branding of their crockery. The Branding aspect which in turn, gives the customer a positive view of the business and also gives them confidence in your restaurant, cafe or business house.

Restaurant Logo Printed Crockery service by So here at we have a vast range of crockery  that your logo or slogan can be printed to. Your logo or slogan is added professionally during the manufacture process so you can be sure that your branded crockery won’t fade or diminish over time.

Logo Print Service on Ceramic cup and Saucer

Types Of Crockery with your Restaurant Logo Printed on it.

Your branded crockery and tableware are an essential part of setting the vibe at your restaurant. You must know about the different types of crockery that cab be branded with your logo, message and photo. This way, you’ll be able to make better decisions while buying your crockery, considering your budget to buy these branded crockery.

Stoneware Crockery with your Restaurant Logo Printed: Fairly shiny, colored grey or brown and is partially porous. This material is ideal for bake ware since it heats up slowly and evenly in the oven. Added benefits include being a stain, chip, and scratch-resistant.

Bone China Crockery with your Restaurant Logo Printed: One of the most sophisticated and elegant types of tableware, which is well-liked by restaurateurs is Bone China. The material is pretty light, extremely durable, and gives a delicate look.

Porcelain Crockery with your Restaurant Logo Printed: Usually hard, white, and slightly translucent, this material is made in beautiful designs and styles. Potters traditionally used the material for their daily chores. However, many restaurateurs believe porcelain to be their ideal choice.

Earthenware Crockery with your Restaurant Logo Printed: Earthenware is among the most beautiful and environment-friendly types of serving crockery, one can find. Usually thick and quite heavy, it makes an ideal material for keeping your food in the freezer, or in an oven. 

Aluminum Crockery with your Restaurant Logo Printed: The material’s cream color and durability give it an expensive look, though it is cheaper than bone china.

Melamine Crockery with your Restaurant Logo Printed: Melamine is a robust and lightweight material that also has thermo setting plastic. This means that the material is quite challenging to break, and can resist staining and scratching.

Terracotta Crockery with your Restaurant Logo Printed: A traditional Spanish material, terracotta, is often used in both ovens and tableware. Minimum Order Quantity: To make things easier, we have have no minimum order policy so any non-hospitality industry business would not be forced from mandatory bulk orders.You can order as many crockery as you need, depending on the size of your restaurant, cafe or Business.

Printed Restaurant Crockery

The Process of Crockery Printing

1.  Select  Your  Favorite  Crockery Range : However  you  choose  to  decorate your tableware we  have  a  range  that  fits all.  We  can  help you  choose  the  best  set  of  crockery  to  suit  your  restaurant, cafe or hotel   service  by  giving  smart  advice  over  the  phone  and even  sending  you  samples after confirmation of order.

2.  Send Us  Your  Logo to be printed on the Crockery : Once  you  are  happy  with  the  crockery selection you  can  email  us  your  logo  or  design  idea.  We  then  email  back  a  free no-obligation  graphic  design  of  the  decorated  items.  We  can  revise  the  graphic  until  you  are 100%  happy  with  the  size  and  position  of  the  logo  on  each  item.

3.  We  Process and can deliver Your  Order worldwide : When  you  are  happy  with  the  graphic  design  we  process  your  order.  The process takes  just  3 to 10 working days from  inquiry  to  delivery!

Call us to order your Custom branded crockery: 91 9820258898

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