Believe it or not but colors do play a role on feelings. Some colors have proven results that puts a strain on eyes, increases blood pressure, increases metabolism and more. Colours can evoke feelings of happy, sad, feeling dull, cheerful etc. Colours are divided into two segments – warm and cool. In the Image above, you can see which are the warm colours and cool colours.

Below is a detailed list of colours and what they symbolize

  1. Red symbolizes feelings of strength, urgency, excitement, and hunger.
  2. Blue symbolizes with feelings of trust, wisdom, and joy.
  3. Yellow is linked to feelings of enthusiasm, positivity, spontaneity, and alertness.
  4. Green symbolizes a sense of safety, stability, reliability, and wholesomeness.
  5. Purple symbolizes imagination, sensitivity, spirituality, and mystery.
  6. Pink symbolizes caring, understanding, and compassion
  7. Brown evokes sensual feelings: chocolate, coffee, earth
  8. Black symbolizes  elegance, sophistication, seriousness, control, or even independence
  9. White symbolizes purity, freshness, innocence or goodness. 

Tone: adding both black and white and therefore gray to a pure color creates a tone.

Experts believe that different colours bring out different feelings, but it can be based on various factors. Therefore more research is required and proven results too.

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