How To Create a Good Visiting Card design ?

Visiting card design services

How To Design A Good Visiting Card ?

A visiting card also known as a business card is a small thick paper card, used by professionals to build up their brand. Your card is like a mini billboard for your business. You have approximately 5 seconds to make a lasting impression, so make it count.

That little piece of paper in the right person’s hand can give you good business deals. However, It is important for your visiting card to look decent and professional.

Lets get started with the guide,

  • Firstly, before beginning with your designing, you should have your Logo ready.
  • Next, note down the information you want to provide in the visiting card. Remember to include only the important contact details.
  • Then decide whether you want one side of the card printed or both sides. Printing on one side saves cost, but printing on both sides brings elegance.
  • Choose a simple font. Do not use fancy fonts for a visiting card. Font Size for usual text could be about 7 and the largest text could be about 9. Try to use a dark colour for the font.
  • For the card design, You can leave the card blank or you can create your own design or leave the designing to the professionals / select a template available.
  • It is better to have your design customized as you shall use the same design / concept for your other stationery such as letterheads, envelops etc
  • There is no restriction in background colour but make sure the colours you use do not blend in with the font colour and the logo.
  • After you complete your design take a printout and decide whether its decent, if the font is readable, if the information provided is without any mistake and by doing this, you will get a clear image of what you will be receiving.

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