What is a Brochure?

Brochure is a piece of paper that carries information. Mostly the brochure talks for the firm. Firms invest a good amount on brochure designing and print it on a premium quality paper. It is important to design your brochure in a very clever manner. Whenever a person enquires about a firm or institution, a brochure is handed over to them.
In The Brochure, the person gets all the information he needs to know about the firm or institution.

For Example, A short detail about the history or formation of the firm. Its goals and missions, the services they provide, the facilities they have, the contact details of the officials that you can get in touch with and any other information they want to provide

Brochures act as a promotional tool. A handed out brochure can travel to many people and create brand awareness which eventually increases the sales

What are the types of brochures ?

The purpose of the brochure remains the same but there are ways of presenting a brochures. There are different folds to make it look compact and presentable.

The types of brochures that are commonly used are;


The No Fold – This brochure does not have folds, however a thick paper is used and it is designed very attractively


The Half Fold – In this type, the brochure in folded into half like a book . It is simple, spacious and elegant.


The Tri-Fold – This brochure is folded into three parts. The designer has to make sure the information is not cluttered and should use the segments wisely


The Z Fold – This brochure is folded in a zig-zag manner. This brochure is very interactive and is the most commonly used among restaurants for takeout menus.

How to decide the suitable brochure for yourself ?

Note down all the information you want to provide on your brochure.

Now decide the budget you can spend on brochures – note the price of each brochure and the number of copies you want to print.

Now the information you have collected and the nature of your firm or institution will help you decide the type and quality of the brochure you require.

Try to keep a good spending margin on brochures, as they speak for your company. People will make their decisions on the brochures you provide.

How to design your Brochure ?

  • After you have noted down the information that you want to include In the brochure
  • To design your brochure, make a rough brochure out of a normal paper. Fold in the desired way and design it roughly with a pen. Note down what you want to mention on each segment and include spaces for pictures or graphics.
  • Now transfer it onto the digital template or provide it to the designer.
  • Use good quality high resolution images.
  • Use clear fonts and bigger fonts for short sentences or words that you wish to be highlighted.
  • For paragraphs use a smaller font size but readable.
  • Use good colours. Don’t use shocking colours. Try using elegant colours. Use contrast colours with the background colour and text colour
  • Leave enough space between the topics as well as the sides of the brochures. Do not type till the page edges as the brochure will be folded the text may get folded too.
  • Print a copy for yourself to see exactly how the brochure will look like and if it it elegant and readble and this is also your chance to make last minute changes or correct any errors.

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