10 Product Packaging Points To Increase Sales


Things You Should Know About Product Packaging

Previously, the term product packaging had less or no importance. The only purpose of packaging was to the cover and protect the product. It was just a plain package with no design and product packaging wasn’t necessary in those days as there was less competition. But with the increase in competition in today’s world, your product has to stand out among your competitors so that your product sustains in the market.

Product packaging has to be given same Importance as building your product. Here are some points you should keep in mind while planning your product packaging,

  • Focus more on your Target Customers – Research thoroughly on who comes under your target customers and then make a list on their likes, dislikes, choices and trends. Take decisions on your product packaging design based on your research.
  • Keep up with the trends – Don’t design the product according to your preferences, as the customer will be buying the product, they will pick up things as per their choice especially if they are trending in the market.
  • Be Creative – Try your best in creating a unique design, even if there are many competitors of your business, try to make your packaging out of the box and attractive.
  • Explore different colors – Try unusual colours. Bright colours and design attract the attention of buyers. Colour of text and background should be in contrast and text size should be clear and visible.
  • Add Humour – A humorous sentence could amaze a customer and he or she may buy the product. It could also get brand recognition which will result to higher sales
  • Include a message with your product – A message could be a humorous message, a meaningful message or a positive quote or advice. This message will be read by the customers and if it creates an impact on the customer he will surely buy the product
  • Use Eco Friendly / Biodegradable products – Being nature friendly definitely is a good name for your business and customers will be happy too knowing that they are purchasing eco friendly products.
  • Use a material that can be reused for another purpose – Customers often buy products that have containers which could be used later for their own purpose than the products which you have to use and throw.
  • Include Special Edition packages for festivals or occasions – Special edition packages create a spark among the customers to try out something new during the festive season.
  • Try to keep the Package very compact – A compact package benefits all, starting from you to the customer. Everyone can store the product easily if it is not bulky.

Packaging can advertise for your product whether it is on your online store, a social media platform or in a physical store. A package that is creative enough to stand out is more likely to be sold.

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