Types of Printing Process

There are many different types of printing process available today and they’re continuing to evolve. The following list is just a short overview of the types of printing we offer at printmax. In this Blog, we take a look at some of the most frequently used printing methods by artists and designers, as well as outline what they’re suitable for. If you’re looking to print posters, fine art images, billboards or even magazines, you’ll find the relevant printing method here.

Die Cut Printing:

At printmax we offer a set of standard die cuts for your convenience. We can also manufacture any shaped die cut you need for 100% customization.

Customized Envelope Printing:

Ready to make your envelopes gain customer attention. We offer full bleeds with the entire envelope custom printed to meet your specifications.

Foil Stamping and Metallic Inks:

Hot foil stamping gives you a “mirrored effect” with reflective silver, gold, or full color options. Metallic ink gives you a nice, metallic toned look.


Let your imagination go crazy. Our embossing and debossing can raise or indent any portion of your design. You can go for a more dramatic 2-D and 3-D effect that gets noticed.

Spot Varnish Printing:

Printmax can spot varnish any part of your piece to add an interesting visual dynamic. This effect makes a portion of your text or image highly glossed and reflective without covering the color.

Wide Format Printing:

We can print anything but the side of your building! We offer window perfs, decals, large format signage, vinyl banners and more.

Direct Thermal Label Printing:

We can print the thermal, strong stickers that you find on traditional meat and product labels.

Scented Printing:

We can incorporate scratch and sniff elements or scented ink. We also have specialty glue which can house your custom fragrance and be applied to the printed piece; much like the samples you open in your favorite magazine.

Glow-in-the-Dark Printing:

We offer the coolest glow-in-the-dark inks. Perfect for concert tickets, flyers, and back-stage passes! (500 minimum quantity)

Perforations and Folding Options:

We provide tear-off perforations for any print piece you send our way. We also have numerous unique folding options which give you an economic way to add interest to your piece.

Paper Options:

At printmax we offer an array of specialty papers including magnetic paper, plastic paper, synthetic papers, recycled paper, heat resistant paper and textured paper.

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