Fonts And Colors for Business Stationary

In this blog we will talk all about the fonts and colors for business stationary that are used or could be used.

Firstly, Lets see the 5 commonly used fonts

  • Arial.
  • Helvetica
  • Times New Roman.
  • Georgia.
  • Courier

These are some fonts that are most commonly used.

These fonts look very professional, elegant and readable even in small font sizes.

Which colour should you select for your brand ?

Colors have an effect on minds of people. Different colors invoke a different sense of feeling in people.

However, Business should use minimum color combinations if they want their brand to be recognizable and remembered by people.

To know about color psychology, click here to read more

While selecting colours for stationary like visiting cards, letterhead, it is advised to keep it simple and elegant.

Although, You may use bright attractive colors while creating a promotion banner or poster. You may play with the font sizes here, making the most important line you want to be highlighted  – a big size and the less important lines in a smaller size

Avoid using the same shade of the color for the background and text

Avoid Fancy fonts especially the ones difficult to read.

Avoid too much design and do not clutter

These were some tips on Using Fonts And Colors for Business Stationary. We hope you find this blog helpful

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