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Booklet is a book with few pages and a cover. It is like a magazine with less pages

Who should have a regularly printed booklets?

  • Small or big Communities or groups
  • School , Colleges & other educational Institutions
  • Offices & Corporates
  • Big Families
  • Events & Festivals

Why groups should have their own booklets?

The above mentioned groups have their own events, functions, activities and other things in a year and preparing a booklet on the whole year’s events, will be like a record and memory of the years activities done. It can also create an impact on the whole group on receiving it and will encourage the others participate more every year. It creates an enthusiastic behavior which is good to keep the groups connected every year.

Business and corporates can use booklets as an information booklet or an annual booklet

What should be mentioned in the booklets?

All the events should include photographs and a small paragraph based on the event.

You can also mention some important articles. Some fun puzzles, maze, riddles, jokes, quotes, best person or group of the year, list of upcoming events.

How to create funds for printing the booklets?

You can ask for a contribution from the group or you can post ads in your booklets and charge for it. You can also come up with other ways to create funds for this purpose.

Where to get your booklets printed?

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