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Barcode Labels Printing

Barcode and Label Printing is Easy to implement and powerful for tracking, barcode labels can lead to big gains in accuracy and productivity.

Whether you are making labels for shipments, for a business asset, or for products, a barcoded label is a reliable tool to help manage any tracking system.

What are the Key Benefits of Bar-code Label Printing?

Millions of companies around the world rely on barcode printing to improve data management and accessibility, reduce costs and increase productivity. This innovative and easy-to-implement technology allows companies in virtually any industry to benefit using labels.

  1. Accuracy – Improve data accuracy to over 100% by labeling assets and inventory with barcodes and automating data collection, removing virtually any room for errors.
  2. Efficiency – Increase efficiency (work faster and free up employees’ time) by converting manual tracking tasks into electronic, real-time processes using barcode labels.
  3. Consistency – Ensure consistent and predictable operations for enhanced product quality by combining data management functions and preventing bottlenecks at data entry stations.

What are the Components of a Barcode Label Printing System?

All label printing systems consist of three core components

  1. Barcode Printer – The printer is the center of any system and making sure the unit with the correct
    features is used is critical. Choosing the right printer ultimately comes down to how much you will need
    to print and the need to be mobile or fixed. Options for interfaces, rewinders, peelers, cutters and
    embedded fonts ensure the best configuration is used for your application.
  2. Labels and Ribbon – Media comes is available in a variety of sizes and types for use in any type of
    environment. Likewise, labels and ribbon are matched to your printer model to ensure the best print
    quality with minimal set-up.
  3. Barcode Software – With the printer and supplies chosen, you still need a means to tell the printer
    what exactly to make. Label design software can be as simple as manually creating static or serialized
    designs to fully automated print servers dynamically pulling information from a database.
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Types of Bar-code

  • Asset Tracking barcode
  • Field Mobility barcode
  • Mobile Device barcode
  • RFID barcode
  • Barcode & Label Printing
  • Wireless Networking barcode
  • Product Sale barcode
  • Click and Collect barcode,
  • Visitor Management barcode
  • Hospital Security barcode
  • Pharmacy Delivery barcode
  • Equipment barcode
  • Food Delivery barcode
  • Medical Tablets barcode
  • Fleet Tracking Service barcode
  • Container Tracking barcode
  • Asset Tracking Solutions barcode
  • Proof of Delivery barcode
  • Transportation barcode
  • Logistics barcode
  • RFID for Retail
  • RFID for Distribution Centers
  • Library Barcode Solutions
  • Inventory Control barcode
  • Emergency Services barcode
  • Casino Card System barcode
  • School ID Cards barcode
  • Healthcare ID barcode
  • Loyalty & Membership barcode
  • Gym & Health Club ID barcode
  • ID Card Printing barcode
  • Bedside Point of Care barcode
  • Pharmacy Management barcode
  • Patient Tracking barcode
  • Age Verification barcode
  • Membership Tracking barcode
  • Visitor Management barcode
  • Package Tracking barcode
  • Tool Tracking barcode
  • File Tracking System barcode
  • Fleet Management barcode
  • Warehouse barcode
  • Access Control & Security
  • Check-In / Check-Out barcode
  • Point of Sale barcode

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