Logo designing is the 1st and most important tool of your business. A good logo can help your brand be very successful. The logo should be clear with enough space. A conjusted logo should be avoided as it has many disadvantages. When you design a logo it should be unique and recognizable by people. At the first glance if people can recognize your brand that means your brand is popular.

Also, if the design is unique and catchy and the service your providing is of high quality, then there are more chances of your brand to gain market value.

Now, there are various types of logos, depending on your product or service and other factors applicable to you, you may design a logo according to type suitable for your brand.

You may also try out various types and select the best suitable one after doing your thorough research.

Points to keep in mind while designing a logo

  • Avoid Conjustion – Keep enough space between objects or words
  • Use minimal details
  • Use contrast colours and if there is any text , the words should be clear even when the logo is sized down
  • Avoid copyright logos
  • Try to be creative and make the logo as unique as possible

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