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Calendars are timeless and practical gifts, making them an ideal choice for business gifting. They serve as a constant reminder of your brand, helping you stay top-of-mind with clients, partners, and employees throughout the year. While desk and wall calendars are some of the most popular options, there is a wide variety of calendar types to choose from. In this blog post, we’ll explore a complete list of yearly calendars that can be used for business gifting.

  1. Desk Calendars
    Desk calendars are small and compact, perfect for placing on workstations. They often come with a stand and display a month or week on each page. These calendars offer ample space for jotting down notes and appointments.
  2. Wall Calendars
    Wall calendars are designed to hang on walls, providing easy visibility for everyone in an office. They typically feature a single month or several months on each page and can be customized with your branding.
  3. Poster Calendars
    Poster calendars are large and decorative, often featuring beautiful images or inspirational quotes. They make excellent office decorations while serving their functional purpose.
  4. Magnetic Calendars
    Magnetic calendars come with a magnetic backing, allowing them to be easily attached to fridges, metal cabinets, or any other magnetic surfaces. They’re highly practical for both homes and offices.
  5. Pocket Calendars
    Pocket calendars are small, portable, and can easily fit in a purse or pocket. These calendars are handy for individuals on the go and can be customized with your company’s logo or branding.
  6. Planners
    While not exactly calendars, planners are essential for many professionals. They provide space for detailed daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling and can be customized with your company’s logo or design.
  7. Easel Calendars
    Easel calendars combine the convenience of desk calendars with an added touch of elegance. They often come in a triangular or pyramid shape and make for attractive office decor.
  8. Perpetual Calendars
    Perpetual calendars are not tied to a specific year, making them a timeless and sustainable choice. Users can manually adjust the date, making them functional year after year.
  9. Flip Calendars
    Flip calendars feature a series of images or quotes, which users can enjoy daily by flipping a page. These calendars offer something new to look forward to each day.
  10. Advent Calendars
    Advent calendars are typically associated with the holiday season, but they can be a unique and memorable business gift. Fill the compartments with small treats or gifts to create anticipation and delight.
  11. Custom Photo Calendars
    Custom photo calendars allow you to showcase your products, team, or company milestones through personalized imagery. This adds a personal touch to your gift.
  12. Desktop Wallpaper Calendars
    Desktop wallpaper calendars are digital and can be easily downloaded and set as computer backgrounds. They offer a constant reminder of your brand every time the recipient uses their computer.
  13. Wildlife Calendars
    Wildlife calendars featuring stunning photographs of animals in their natural habitats can be a thoughtful and inspiring gift option, appealing to a wide range of people.
  14. Artistic Calendars
    Artistic calendars feature various art forms, from paintings and illustrations to sculptures and graphic designs. They add a touch of culture and creativity to any workspace.
  15. Inspirational Quote Calendars
    Inspirational quote calendars provide daily motivation and positivity. Choose quotes that align with your company’s values to convey a meaningful message.
  16. Sports Calendars
    Sports-themed calendars can be an excellent choice, especially if your clients or employees are sports enthusiasts. Feature images of their favorite sports, teams, or athletes.

When selecting a calendar type for business gifting, consider your target audience’s preferences and needs. Customize the calendars with your company’s branding and contact information for maximum impact. A well-chosen calendar can not only serve as a practical tool but also as a constant reminder of your brand’s presence in the lives of your business partners and clients throughout the year.

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